Photo Shoot for Astór with Kalian-lo


We did this photoshoot in an abandoned house just days before it was demolished I love the rich red of the Katherine Hamnet dress against the decaying walls. I took these images with my iphone

Our beautiful model Lassa stepped barefooted over huge cracks in the floorboards & stood in windows with no glass as biting winds whipped her face. Luckily I was on hand with kleenex to wipe her nose – the things you do on a shoot. As the hair & make-up artist couldnt make it last minute – I did the hair & Lassa did her own makeup , the whole shoot was very organic with little discussion or pre-planning I had a gut feeling we’d get a stunning shot we had all the ingredients to hand.

Beautiful model
Great clothes
Excellent photographer
Amazing location

Shame it’s demolished as we had planned 2 other shoots there & Kalian who has an exhibition opening next week had wanted to get a final photo there for the series which features work based on abandoned spaces.

Copyright on all images Kalian –Lo.


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