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In July 2013 our back garden was featured in an article in the Irish Times by Alanna Gallagher which focused on making the most of your outdoor space.

Love yurts

Triona Lillis and Gavin Morgan

Triona Lillis and her partner Gavin Morgan met while working for Galway-based street theatre company Macnas. She’s a costume designer who also runs fashion and vintage shop Astor on the Tuam Road in Galway. He’s a set designer and prop maker. Their garden in Moycullen is awash with ideas inspired by music festivals they’ve been involved with, including Electric Picnic.

They love the outdoors. Every summer they erect a Mongolian yurt they bought in the UK for €3,000 that acts as a spare room for friends staying over.

They also love a long soak in their hot tub built by Gavin from wood off-cuts left over from his set design for The Crucible. Like something from a Wild West movie, the water is heated by a fire lit in an old gas bottle brazier and travels through copper piping to create a convection-heated tub.

Triona says: “Lots of our friends’ younger kids think our garden is a bit like Butlins. Friends drop by, bring food and end up staying all weekend.”

When the nights get cold, they withdraw to the custom-built bar in their basement.


Irish times garden




View the full article here.

Picture by Kalian Lo


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